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Legendary record before stop cristiano ronaldo, go all out against Lionel messi

The Spanish game ronaldo dumb fire, not continue after two season opener have goals rule, also didn't can create real Madrid player league continuous scoring record. Later on Barcelona league opener but messi brace, the new season the first round is the golden small flea anticipate. Of course this summer with the club for the euro tournament of which CR7 speaking, fitness and not messi, maybe he is currently the most need to conquer the enemy.
Because last season with the striker Lionel messi king drag at the end of the race, ronaldo was the league a not fall, the last seven rounds of league games is declared, total scored nine goals. If the new season opener ronaldo can break, he can become a real Pittsburgh Steelers Jerseys Madrid team history above a continuous eight games to the Spanish league can goal of cutthroat, beyond the continuous and wheel scoring puskas, black gerben - sanchez, ruud van nistelrooy, ORR meadow and olsen.
Ronaldo has continuous 10 wheel scoring (la liga record), messi also had eight wheel goals in the world, however, standing in the threshold of the record, ronaldo but missed the chance to create history again. See cristiano ronaldo to goal, the new season 1 minute real Madrid first shot, he is the left after cutting the gun shot long shots, but the Portuguese international team-mate pereira to ronaldo is familiar with, with anti entanglement timely in place, let ronaldo then game has been rather pace. In the real Madrid need goals Ben roethlisberger jersey established advantage, ronaldo is not aggressive, position also too back.
Having ronaldo let a person shine at the moment, are almost he attract defense after the pass, such as 7 minutes heel knock to eritrea JiEr, 2 minutes after the push higuain, 34 minutes outside instep bomb to Cohen's lang manufacturing quasi single-pole, at half-time in the prequel into eritrea JiEr outflank hit the door, 81 minutes left wing low almost assists card column flood shot scores, etc. Last season, ronaldo will change the habit of ChiDuShi style, more for his bottom drawer, having his four key first pass is also the first.
Latter half real Madrid suppress fully the valencia onslaught, ronaldo finally began to press in the box, but higuain compared, CR7 shot Jerricho Cotchery Jersey feel really poor, a perfect volley of opportunity can play to the edge direction, free kick and alonso's hidden fit is creative, but help running point yet didn't step on accurate, lead to shooting action torque didn't play much power. The ronaldo five shots, not a dozen are goals, shot attempt and efficiency, all and messi eight shot 4 into two goals that cannot be compared.
Ronaldo recent state is not ideal, real Madrid four pre-season friendly, only counterwork AC milan, the Portuguese scored two goals, the remaining three games were not scoring, calculate on having 5 field four failed to break, compared to last season the match 55 games for real Madrid scored 60 ball that super killer, are difficult to draw on the equal sign. 08.021.2012




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